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Detox Capsules (30)

  • For addictive cravings
  • High-potency formulation.Uses exceptional quality CBD and purpose-driven ingredients for the pull of addictive substances. 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD. Uses only broad-spectrum (no THC), cannabinoid-rich, non-intoxicating hemp extract.
  • Exceptional ingredients. Made from exceptional quality CBD and naturally occurring essential compounds, phytonutrients, botanical extracts, and vitamins long used for the cravings associated with alcohol and other addictive substances.
  • Addiction management tool. Medical professionals and addiction specialists increasingly use CBD in their addiction management protocol.
  • Detox Capsule Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD), Hemp Extract, Kudzu Root, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, Magnesium (as Magnesium Glycinate), Thiamin (Vitamin B1). Other Ingredients: Modified Tapioca Starch, Pullulan.