Alcoholism: Recognizing the Signs and How to Change

According to, alcoholism is when one can no longer control their use of alcohol and/or compulsively abuses alcohol, despite its negative ramifications, and/or experience emotional distress when they are not drinking.

What Classifies Alcoholism?

Believe it or not, alcoholism is a chronic disease that is diagnosed based on individuals meeting at least two of the following criteria within a period of one year:

  1. Using alcohol in higher amounts or for a longer time than originally intended.
  2. Being unable to reduce alcohol consumption despite a desire to do so.
  3. Spending significant time obtaining, using, and recovering from the effects of alcohol.
  4. Cravings, or a strong desire to use alcohol.
  5. Being unable to fulfill major obligations at home, work, or school because of alcohol use.
  6. Continuing to abuse alcohol despite negative interpersonal or social relationships that are probably due to the use of alcohol.
  7. Abandoning previously enjoyed social, occupational, or recreational activities because of alcohol use.
  8. Using alcohol in physically dangerous situations, such as driving or operating machinery.
  9. Continuing to abuse alcohol despite the presence of psychological or physical problems that is probably due to alcohol use.
  10. Having a high tolerance (i.e. needing to drink increasingly larger or more frequent amounts of alcohol to achieve desired effect).
  11. Developing symptoms of withdrawal when efforts are made to stop using alcohol.

According to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2017, 51% of the U.S. population, aged 12 or older, reported binge drinking during a one month span.  Behavior like this is a high-risk factor for developing alcoholism. 

Alcoholism Treatment with Cannabis

According to, worldwide, about 107 million people have an alcohol use disorder, with roughly 70% of that number being men.  According to the World Health Organization, about 3 million people die from alcohol use worldwide each year.  Cannabis, on the other hand, has never been the cause of death for anyone…ever.  Actually, research has shown that cannabis is 114 times safer than alcohol.

A research team from the Canadian Institute for Substance Abuse Research and the University of Victoria School of Public Health surveyed 1,000 medical cannabis users where they were asked about their alcohol consumption.  The team found that 44% of the participants reported a decrease in alcohol consumption.  Among those, 85% reported that they reduced the number of drinks consumed each week and 18% abstained from alcohol during the entire 30-day study.

If you, or someone you know, struggles with alcohol use, you should consider beginning a cannabis routine. The cannabis plant is safer than alcohol, and in the case of CBD products, there is no intoxication since CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. The road to recovery is not easy, but neither is suffering with alcoholism. 

CBD for Alcoholism at Exact Nature

We, at Exact Nature, know first-hand the struggles with alcohol addiction and recovery. Our company was founded by a team of father and son who both struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism. Thomas White and his son Daniel’s started our company to provide drug addicts and alcoholics with safe, natural, healthy and effective supplements to assist those on the path to sobriety. After years of struggle, Thomas and Daniel found their answer to alcoholism and addiction recovery with CBD.

We are not your typical CBD manufacturer.  You’re not going to find vaping products or edibles on our site. Our mission is to be staunch supporters of research and to produce high-quality CBD products geared toward detoxifying and addiction recovery. 

Our premium CBD comes from Nevada-grown hemp; perhaps the best in the country. The THC is then removed rendering our CBD non-intoxicating, but just as potent as it's surrounded with special ingredients selected for form and function. Our line of products was specially formulated to address four major areas of concern when going through recovery; detoxifying the body, poor sleep patterns, lack of focus, and lack of energy.

Our Detox line of CBD products are designed to curb those drug and alcohol cravings.  Our Detox products work naturally rebalance the body’s neurotransmitters that reduce the desirability of drugs and alcohol.  Our broad-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oil, combined with natural compounds, phytonutrients, botanical extracts, and vitamins, work to stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system and neurotransmitters to increase the production of serotonin and dopamine, the brain’s “feel good” chemicals, to help your body find equilibrium and reduce cravings.

Our Serenity line of products were developed to promote and support an overall sense of calm and focus.  Our mixture of broad-spectrum CBD extract and natural phytonutrients, botanical extracts, and vitamins geared toward treating anxiety and depression, work to rebalance neurotransmitters to help maintain a positive mood by regulating anti-depressant activity in the brain without the unpleasant side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Our Zzzs product line was designed to promote and support healthy sleep patterns. We know how hard it can be to get healthy sleep during recovery. Our broad-spectrum extract combined with natural botanicals and vitamins aimed at improving sleep bring equilibrium for a deeper, more effective sleep.

Boost is aimed at promoting more focus.  Boost uses our high-quality CBD and carefully selected ingredients work together to naturally rebalance the body’s neurotransmitters and help maintain better focus, but with the addition of caffeine. Boost increases the availability of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain to assist in improving focus. With the CBD and the caffeine working together, there is a calming effect and improves concentration.

For the best alcoholism treatment, consider adopting a CBD routine.  We have everything that you need in order to make your journey toward sobriety successful.  Shop our collection of Detox, Serenity, Zzzs and Boost products today!