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  • Broad-Spectrum CBD: Combating Substance Use Disorders

    Do you struggle with controlling your drug and alcohol consumption?  Do you think about stopping, but feel like you can’t?  We’ve been there and we...
  • CBD and Recovery: How CBD Can Help Fight Addiction

    Studies are being conducted to see how CBD can help those suffering with substance abuse addiction recover. Find out what research is showing and how current results look good for CBD and addiction recovery.
  • Detox CBD: Fight Those Powerful Cravings and Start on the Path to Sobriety

    We, at Exact Nature, are not your typical CBD manufacturer.  Our founder, recovering alcoholic and addict Thomas White and his son Daniel, who is i...
  • Alcoholism Kills Over Time; Opioids Kill Overnight

    Opioid addiction is frightening for many reasons, but mostly because it can kill you straightaway.
  • Alcoholism: Recognizing the Signs and How to Change

    According to alcohol.com, alcoholism is when one can no longer control their use of alcohol and/or compulsively abuses alcohol, despite its negativ...
  • CBD & Sobriety: A Surprising Correlation

    Hundreds, if not thousands of studies, have been conducted on the correlation between the use of CBD, the naturally occurring, abundant cannabinoid...
  • Recover Your Life with Exact Nature

    If you, or someone you know, is or was an addict, you know all too well that the hardest, but most important decision you can make in your life is ...
  • The Data Is In: CBD Is Shown to Aid in Detox

    Addiction doesn’t just affect the addict; it affects everyone they are connected with.  Family, friends, co-workers…everyone is subject to the addi...
  • Being an Addict is not a Character Flaw

    Your genes have saddled you with this awful affliction. It explains it, but doesn't make it any easier.
  • CBD Coffee: A Boost That's Beneficial

    We, at Exact Nature, know what it’s like to struggle with addiction and recovery.  After all, our company was founded by recovering alcoholic and a...
  • Addiction and Isolation Don’t Mix

    During this pandemic we all have found ourselves more isolated, perhaps more than ever before. Unfortunately for an addict and alcoholic, this can spell trouble.

  • Watching My Best Friend Slowly Kill Himself

    I saw this poignant, heartbreaking post on Facebook, “My husband drinks whiskey until he’s a different person. I’m watching my best friend slowly kill himself.”