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About Us

Exact Nature Botanicals, LLC is run by recovering alcoholic and addict Thomas White and his son Daniel, also in recovery. Exact Nature’s entire reason for being—its raison d'être—is to provide addicts and alcoholics with safe, healthy, and effective supplements in their journey in sobriety.

Thomas White, Co-Founder and President/CEO 

Thomas has long wanted to use his skills to contribute in some meaningful way to solutions to society’s problems, to do work that stands to make a difference in people’s lives. Now he can, given CBD’s richness of benefits, especially in helping people in recovery.

Thomas knows all too well what it’s like to be in the grip of addiction. For more than twenty years, Thomas was a disheartened addict and alcoholic with two DUIs on his record, a drinking habit getting progressively worse, and a marriage strained to the limit because of it. He was slipping into darkness and feeling hopeless, helpless, and ashamed. It’s not that he didn’t want to stop; he couldn’t.

Thomas finally hit rock bottom and sought treatment. And even then he didn’t get sober right away, relapsing several times over the year following his stint in rehab, before finally being able to put down the drink and drugs.

Now, he’s proud to say, he has twelve years of sobriety under his belt. And it’s Thomas’ own struggle and loss that’s at the root of Exact Nature’s singular mission. Thomas always said that if there was a pill to help him with his addiction, he’d take it. It’s this hope that forms the foundation of Exact Nature Botanicals.

"My greatest hope is that that people will try these products as part of a comprehensive approach and commitment to getting sober. Addiction is a life and death issue for millions of Americans." says Thomas, before adding, "If CBD can help someone get sober, can you imagine the countless marriages, families and jobs that can be saved? This is why I'm doing this."

Professionally speaking, Thomas spent his pre-Exact Nature career in marketing communications, first at the corporate level (for Seagram’s, not ironically), then for the Peace Corps (first as a volunteer in Botswana, then as the agency’s press secretary in DC), and in recent years as the chief marketing officer for several universities.

Daniel White, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development 

Joie de vivre – if anyone has a lust for life, Daniel does. He laughs easily and often and seeks out any activity that offers fun and adventure in abundance. A natural and gifted athlete, Daniel likes anything that combines speed and skill, especially atop a motocross bike or snowboard in the mountains near his Salt Lake City home.

It’s this thrill-seeking mindset, however, that would become a problem for Daniel. Starting in early high school, Daniel was drinking, drugging, seeking adventure in the wrong places, getting in trouble with the police, and failing out of school. He was going nowhere fast.

At wit’s end, Daniel’s parents sent him to a series of teen wilderness and residential rehabilitation programs for troubled teens in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and then Utah. It’s in this therapeutic environment that, over time, Daniel came to better understand his own struggles and motivations in addiction.

Now in his early twenties, Daniel recognizes the importance of a supportive community and the range of activities and treatments that would become an essential part of his toolkit in sobriety. Daniel has been sober for three years and counting. 

It’s this hard-won insight that makes Daniel an invaluable member of the Exact Nature leadership team. There’s nothing easy about confronting addiction at any age, but this is especially trying as a teenager. At the time of life when many young adults are enjoying the party lifestyle, Daniel has had to learn how to live sober. While it hasn’t been easy, Daniel now knows the joys and rewards of being present, rather than in the fog of substance abuse.

“I felt tremendous freedom and clarity once I finally got control of my addiction. I was able to shake the constant anxiety running through me when I wasn’t always looking for my next fix,” says Daniel.

He added, “What I like most about Exact Nature is that our products help people help themselves.” 

It’s this experience and commitment to the cause of sobriety that has made Daniel a forceful and uncompromising advocate for Exact Nature products and the critical role they can play in helping young adults like himself find a similar peace of mind.

Linda Anderson, RN Product Development Advisor

Linda has spent her career in health services as a registered nurse and, in the last twenty years, as a staunch advocate for holistic, natural remedies and chemical-free living. As an RN working in the field of home healthcare, Linda recognized early on the adverse effect that poor diet and over-prescribed medicines was having on the health of her patients.

Linda has dedicated herself to understanding how natural supplements and cures optimize the body’s own ability to heal and thrive, while countering the detrimental effects that foods laden with preservatives and additives and ineffectual prescription medicines have on one's well-being.

At Exact Nature, Linda has lent her experience and expertise to helping formulate products made from exceptional CBD and a range of naturally occurring essential compounds and phytonutrients that offer the best chance to curb addictive cravings and help with mood, focus, and sleep cycles.