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July 21, 2022 5 min read


Even with 2021 in our rearview mirrors and the pandemic showing signs of finally relenting, many Americans continue to experience physical, fiscal, and emotional tolls on their lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, the use of drugs and alcohol are at an all-time high as people seek to cope during difficult times—many never realizing how difficult it would be to stop. 

It is hard to argue the fact that the past year has severely affected the mental health of many Americans. A common practice amongst many suffering with mental illness, such as anxiety and depression, is to make themselves comfortable as quickly as possible.  Some people seek out food, while others seek out drugs, or alcohol. Often, and suddenly, addiction presents itself; and it’s hard to turn it around.  When times get tough, it can be very easy to spiral out of control and head down an extremely dangerous path; especially for those who already have issues with mental health and substance abuse. 

However, there is help; natural help. You can get sober without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and that’s what we’re here for. 


We are Exact Nature and we aren’t just your regular CBD producer. Our products are focused exclusively on helping with the addictive cravings and changes in mood and sleep patterns that can come up in one’s sobriety journey.

Our premium CBD comes from hemp grown in Nevada, known for its favorable climate to grow CBD. The THC is then removed from the extract leaving Broad-Spectrum CBD, which is just as effective as Full-Spectrum CBD but without the THC.

Our company was also founded by recovering addicts who have an intimate understanding of the challenges of becoming sober and the rewards that come with it.  They have made it their mission in life to provide the highest-quality CBD for recovering addicts.


According to Psychology Today, habits can be both harmful or health-promoting. Intuitively, lighting a cigarette after waking up—or any drug associated with particular cues—is a habit, but so is picking up a pair of sneakers after getting home each day. Our mission is to help you dump the former and adopt the latter.

Common bad habits include drinking or eating more than is recommended, smoking, and drug abuse. People may not be fully aware of how their habit works. Habits are built to make things happen without us having to think about them. Willfully intervening in your own habitual behavior doesn’t come naturally. Breaking habits require great consideration and effort.

Habits are hard to break. Habits are behavior running on “auto-pilot”. The brain doesn’t recognize that habitual behavior is bad, but rather normal. Bad habits are deep-rooted in the mind due to the rewarding feelings that they bring when the habit is formed.


Research has shown that CBD, which is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, has the beneficial properties to treat addiction and aid in recovery. Addiction to substances is considered by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to be a mental disorder. For many years, experiments have shown that CBD can greatly reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, but even more recent studies have found that CBD also has a behavior therapy used to help addicts give up an undesirable habit and a natural desire to satisfy bodily needs. This is great news that backs up the theories that CBD can assist with addiction recovery. It is believed that CBD can make addicts feel like they can give up undesirable habits by causing them to associate their addiction with an unpleasant effect, while also satisfying their bodily needs in a more positive way by promoting homeostasis, even though CBD lacks any rewarding sensations typically achieved by substance abuse, such as marijuana smoking and inhaling THC.

Thus far, there has been little research performed on the effects that CBD has on various addictive drug related memories.  These studies have been performed on both animals and humans that are addicted to stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamine; opiates; alcohol; and nicotine. For the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on smoking cigarettes and alcohol abuse.

Over a week’s time, cigarette smokers were instructed to inhale 400mg of CBD or a placebo when they felt the craving for a cigarette. The CBD greatly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked, but picked up again once CBD stopped being administered. It was determined that CBD did not alter cigarette cravings in the long term, only in conjunction with the administration of CBD. Accordingly, more research is needed to determine whether stopping the use of CBD has a generalized effect to reduce cravings and prevent relapse, or whether its effects are specific to certain classes of addictive substances.

Regarding alcohol, while someone may want to stop drinking, alcohol addiction compromises impulse control and decision making, which is likely to cause a relapse. In a review published in 2015 by the National Institutes of Health, research has linked the use of CBD with reducing rewarding feelings, making it easier to avoid the temptation of alcohol consumption.  In a human study, 10 healthy people were given either alcohol alone or a combination of alcohol and CBD. While the CBD didn’t improve the subjects feeling of being “drunk”, it did lower the subject’s blood alcohol content.

With CBD being the most sought-after natural medicine on the market, it’s no wonder that research is on the upswing. However, although CBD was already being to manage addiction by substance abuse counselors, continuing research is extremely important to understanding how CBD regulates emotions and the addictive behaviors caused by them.  Ongoing research is the key that may eventually lead to CBD being used as a treatment for substance abuse disorders and addiction recovery.


Exact Nature's singular mission to provide safe, healthy, natural, CBD-based products to help recovering addicts and alcoholics face the exceptional challenges of sobriety by curbing addictive cravings, treating depression and anxiety, and improving sleep.

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