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January 01, 2023 4 min read

Exact Nature’s New Year’s Resolution is to Help You Get Sober 

On December 12 I celebrated my 14th year of sobriety, which means I became sober just as I was entering the holiday season and New Year’s Eve andall the temptationsthat posesfor an addict and alcoholic.Yeah, timing has never been my strong suit, and, truth be told, Id been trying to get sober for a full year prior to this day, having finished a 30-day stay in rehab the previous December.

WhileIm proud that I’m sober today, what I feel most is relief and gratitude. To help me stay sober, I need only think about my timepre-rehab.

I was living in New Jersey and had just received my second DUI.I could no longer avoidthe monkeyfirmlyaffixed to my back, soIarranged to go torehab inWestPalm Beach.

Arriving at Palm BeachInternational Airport Iwasnothing short ofterrified. I was thereto meetthe person who was going toescortmeto my new home – my new prison, as it were –for the next30 days and I wasfilled withenoughhelplessness, hopelessness, andshamefor a lifetime.Add tothatthistheconstantloopinmy head asking,“You mean I can never drink again?”and I was feelingprettydispirited.Howhaditcome to this,I asked myself.Iwasfull-up with “woe is me.”

In spite ofmy caretakers’best efforts toprovide me the tools topreventthis,I relapsedfive or six timestheyearfollowingrehab.My wife was, understandably,disheartened andkinda freaked out.What I told her, and for the first time ithad the benefit ofbeingtrue,was thatI was starting toget it.I was learning to string together days, then weeks, and finally months at a time of not drinking,something Id never been able to do before. I was learning to livesober and recovery is a living processfor both the addict and his or her family.

Now fourteen yearsand a lot of “attaboys”later, I’mfortunatemy sobriety isasingrained as mydrinking was beforeit, with the old loop being replaced byhelpfulnew ones:“You mean Inever have to drinkagain?”and “There but for the grace of God go I.”

Like millions before me, I white-knuckled my sobriety, but I don’t believe it’s the only way. Today there arelots ofhelpfulresources for getting sober. My favorites include AA, NA, all the awesome recovery-related podcasts, dedicated sober influencers, and, of course, CBD.


CBD for Alcohol Cravings

While itstherapeutic properties are still being researched,it’s generallyheld that CBD balances a system of neurotransmitters throughout the brain and body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). A balanced ECS helps return your body to equilibrium, which, in turn,helps stabilize important bodily functions from sleep to mood to addictive cravings.

As alcoholics, our brain’s circuitryisflawed and differs fromthat of people without addiction issues.There is a growing body of research, fortunately,that suggests CBD canhelp get this faulty circuitry back in alignment.

By minimizingvisualdrug cues, CBD, it is believed, canhelp break the psychological bridge that rewards addictive behavior.In turn,this can depress alcohol-seeking behavior.As such,CBD canbe an important tool in abroad approach to getting sober.

Said another way,researchers have observed thisall-natural compound can inhibit the part of the brain activated bydrugs and alcohol andhelpyouring in a sober New Year.


Exact Nature’s Wish for a Sober 2023

CBD is like that all-around athlete that helpsher team in countless ways –she can score, playdefense, and be abig morale booster. Similarly,CBD can contribute toan improved general wellness in myriad ways – itcan help stabilize important bodily functions from mood to sleep to addictive cravings, soonce you’re feeling better, you can focus on healing.Because of this,at Exact Nature we view every sale like someone is taking a tangible steptowards feeling better.

Exact Nature’s top two selling products are Detox capsules and Detox CBD Oil. These products’ singular mission is to lend a hand to people who want to cut down on their use of intoxicating substances. Detox won’t, on its own, get you sober. But as the research suggests, CBD can help curb addictive cravings and, as you know, abstinence is step one in the process of getting sober.

Exact Nature’s Serenity and Zzzs products are then helpful with the mood and sleep pieces of recovery, so you can get control of your good health and set aside the harmful substances.

Wewish you every success as you navigate the challenges of 2023 and would like to gently remind you that if nothing changes, nothing changes. You may need to recalibrate your idea of fun, as I did.The things I did for fun before getting sober are now even more fun in sobriety, without exception.The idea of not drinking used to fill me with dread, but it now comforts me. Outwith the old and in with the new can be a very good thing, especially if the “old” was harming your health.

With this,Exact Naturewishes you a happy,healthy and sober 2023 and“May the best of your pastbe the worst of your future.