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October 23, 2022 6 min read

How Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

cbd to stop smoking

Did you know that CBD is shown to be an effective tool for those looking to quit  smoking?  CBD is a lesser known, yet highly effective alternative treatment option for nicotine withdrawals that accompany stopping the use of cigarettes. However, smoking is a habit that is socially  accepted, like alcohol and many other addictions, and, thus, can become that much more dangerous if not treated with caution. 

Cigarette usage becomes habit-forming for a number of internal and external factors. Once a person ingests their first “hit” of nicotine in a cigarette, the brain creates a link with observable behaviors and increases cravings. 

It is also a fact that smoking is legal and cigarettes are widely available in gas stations and convenience stores alike. So, with the availability at an all-time high and the addictive substances lacking no power over their consumers, it’s no wonder that such a high population of U.S. citizens are avid cigarette smokers. Quitting “cold turkey” is an option for some, albeit a difficult task, but, for many other individuals, stopping their cigarette habit seems unattainable.

The first step towards quitting your nicotine habit is acceptance that you have a problem.  From there, you must find the best treatment plan for your withdrawals and the accompanying cravings that come with the removal of the drug from your system. Your best bet for treatment options might surprise you: CBD. 

Now,  if you find yourself in the category of people who wants to quit their addiction, this guide is for you. Here, we can share some practical ways  to incorporate CBD into your routine in order to quit smoking and protect your health long term. 


CBD to Quit Smoking

If  you’ve decided you’re done with nicotine, then CBD will be a great tool in your recovery toolbox. You can  use CBD as a tool to stop smoking and  receive various other benefits that CBD naturally provides. Numerous studies show CBD will  aid in dealing with cravings for tobacco and nicotine. When you quit smoking,  your body endures both a mental and a physical change. CBD will make the transitioning process from “smoker” to “non-smoker”  easier for you.

Keep in mind that stopping an addictive habit takes time, and relapse is often a realistic aspect of recovery- it happens. The important thing to remember is to take your recovery one day at a time, and to forgive yourself if mistakes happen. Rome wasn’t built in a day; good things take time.  Deciding to entrust CBD in your fight to end your addiction is a great step in the right direction- and a wise one, at that. 

What is CBD? 

CBD is a Cannabinoid that is insoluble by nature. Instead, it is hydrophobic, meaning that it doesn't  mix with water. However, it does break down into smaller particles to  aid in the absorption process in your bloodstream and cells. Once CBD dissolves in your bloodstream, it begins  binding to and balancing a system of neurotransmitters throughout the body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This, in turn, suppresses your  nicotine cravings. 


Health  Benefits of Stopping Smoking

We all know that smoking is dangerous to our health,  yet a large percentage of our society is addicted to cigarettes. When a person decides to quit smoking, it is natural for them to want to find a better understanding of what their mind and body is about to go through.  Knowledge is power, and having the right information can make all the difference- especially when it comes to a matter of life or death such as addiction. 


Reducing the Risk of Cancer

Every smoker faces the inevitable risk of developing cancer, at some point. Smoking affects the lungs,  esophagus, pancreas, bladder, kidney, skin, and more. But, you can immediately reduce your chance of developing cancer as soon as you quit smoking. Remember, the longer you inhale the nicotine, the higher the  risk of cancer becomes. 


Enhances the Blood Circulation 

Cigarette smoking’s negative effect on blood circulation can  often lead to heart issues. Therefore, smokers  are at a higher risk of developing heart issues. When you quit smoking, blood circulation improves daily and reduces  your chances of developing heart issues dramatically. Moreover, once you stop ingesting the harmful toxins found in nicotine products, you will also feel more active and energetic  because of the improved oxygen levels in your body. 


Improves  Taste and Smelling Buds

Smokers will never truly experience  the decadent taste of beverages or food unless they quit smoking. This sad yet true fact is because nicotine and  smoking damage your body’s sensitive nerves, the nasal cavity, and your mouth. However, after you stop smoking, your nasal cavity starts restoring itself back to health in a few days, and you can begin to naturally taste or smell the foods or beverages you once longed to experience.


Enhance the  Immune System

Smoking harshly affects our immune system, and smokers can get a cold, flu virus, and all other viruses much easier than a non-smoker. To improve their immune system, smokers need to quit  ingesting harmful cigarette toxins, or else their health will suffer the consequences. When you stop smoking, your oxygen circulation improves tenfold, resulting in a  healthier immune system and  reduced inflammation throughout the body. 


How  Does CBD Help You Stop Smoking?

cbd to quit smoking

Smoking withdrawal symptoms tend to start a few days  after your last cigarette. These symptoms will last a few weeks, and will likely cause some stress to the mind and body. However, withdrawal symptoms  -physical, emotional, and mental- can be reduced with the help of CBD. 

The most common smoking withdrawal symptoms include headache, trouble sleeping, anxiety, increased food and nicotine cravings, and blood pressure issues.The constant pressure of these nagging symptoms will tempt you to pick up a cigarette, if for nothing else than to simply stop the aggravation.  Rather than picking up a cigarette, try picking up some CBD instead to help dull the effect of your symptoms.

Reduces  Anxiety

It is  no surprise that, when you quit smoking, your anxiety levels increase.  Your body has now entered fight-or-flight mode and is searching for a quick fix to your side effect symptoms. However, using CBD to quit smoking is beneficial, as it reduces stress and anxiety and helps restore your body to homeostasis. CBD will  help you to feel relaxed and unbothered by stressful situations. 


Reduces  Physical Stress

CBD has highly beneficial anti-inflammatory and antiemetic properties. Due to its inflammation-reducing nature, CBD helps smokers to quit their addiction by reducing physical stress through active pain relief and symptom reduction. CBD  relieves headaches and nausea, reduces swelling caused by drug deprivation, and improves mood which, in turn, leads to a more active lifestyle. 


Reduces  Cravings

Cravings for cigarettes and nicotine products are arguably the most challenging obstacle to overcome when quitting your cigarette usage. There are plenty of distractions that smokers can try- hypnotherapy, acupuncture, sticking your face in a bucket of cold ice- but  CBD will help ease your cravings and have you feeling better than cigarettes ever did. So, instead of smoking the nicotine, you can ingest the CBD for  the sake of your own health.


Improve  Sleep

CBD will help your body to regulate its systems in order to provide you with a better night's sleep. . 6-8 hours of sleep is crucial to everybody’s overall health and productivity, but many of us get nowhere near the required amount. Health is not just physical; health is the summation of our mind, body, and soul and, when one member of the triad is out of balance, our whole being can suffer. Good physical and mental  health is essential during the healing process and  a great way to initiate a positive change is to create better sleeping habits. 


CBD Products to Use 

CBD products come in a variety of forms, from CBD oils,  to smokable vapes, to CBD capsules. Moreover, CBD beverages, such as  CBD sparkling waters and CBD drink powders, are also available. Of these choices, CBD powders are the best choice due to their ease of use and the fact that you can add the to your smoothies or tea- they are incredibly flexible and can adapt to your lifestyle. 

However, CBD oil and CBD capsules are also commonly used. CBD oil has many benefits, ranging from pain relief to better sleep. You can take a few drops of CBD oil orally up to twice a day and you will quickly reap the benefits.CBD oil has unique benefits, as it absorbs into the body quicker than any other form.